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We have the expertise and resources to be a leading provider satisfying mission critical requirements.

We are considered a trusted partner and through synergistic partnerships we deliver cutting-edge core competencies in cyber security, information assurance and system engineering cross domain solutions and software engineering.

We meet the needs of our clients to improve our resilience to cyber incidents and to reduce cyber threat. With our strong ability to think ahead of the curve, we are the leading choice for our past, present, and future customers. We believe in diversity and collaborating concepts to produce an effective product, the “BLARE Effect”.

Fresh Solutions

Forward Thinking and Out-of-the-Box is what you want and BLARE Intelligence has what you need.

Our forward thinking and out-of-the box approach is like no other and has positioned many of our clients to stay ahead of the curve. Intelligent. Innovative. Impressive.

Latest News

July, 2017

BLARE Intelligence receives A-Team Award from Northrop Grumman Corporation.(More ...)

May, 2016

BLARE Intelligence partnered with Axom Technologies and obtained a new contract win for the NSETS III program.(More ...)

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